I've been an active musician for over 15 years and my main focus was always guitar. I have a huge experience both in studio and on stage. Having worked with great engineers and producers over the years I quickly discovered a passion for recording. During the last decade I engineered, mixed and mastered a bunch of releases, starting with local bands, mostly friends, and then getting in touch with new people. Here's the list of services I will be happy to provide.


  • Guitars/bass/keyboards/vocals tracking;
  • Drum recordings;
  • Overdubs;
  • Reamping (via Axe-Fx II or tube amps on request);
  • Demoing/Pre-production.


  • Performance correction (timing, pitch);
  • Audio Restoration (noise,pops, hum);
  • Sampling/Drum replacement;


Digital Audio Workstation (in the box) based mixing using the best software available on the market.
Online mixing is possible of course. Just send me your tracks via cloud service and we'll go from there.


The final stage in of a record production.
With a professional monitoring and the best digital tools available I can make all your tracks sound cohesive, bring the overall volume level to a commercial standards and surgically correct any issues.


  • Recording guitars;
  • Recording bass;


  • Song Structure
    & Arrangement;
  • Development of parts;
  • Sound layering;
  • Drum programming.

I can guarantee a great working environment, competitive rates, and ensure you we will meet all your expectations and deadlines. I will provide a free samples of your mixed and mastered tracks.

My rates are a fraction of the commercial studios costs:
  • Tracking: 5 EUR/20 PLN per hour
  • Editing: 12 EUR/50 PLN per song
  • Mixing: 25 EUR/100 PLN per song
  • Mastering: 10 EUR/40 PLN per song
  • Mix revision and corrections: 5 EUR/20 PLN per hour
  • Recording/writing/arranging: open for negotiation/depends on the workload
We can work long-distance. All I need is your tracks sent online. Click here to read the instruction on how to prepare your tracks for online mixing.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

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