My name is Adam Muszynski and I was born in Poland sometime in the eighties. I began my musical adventures in 2002. In 2004 I founded a thrash/death metal band Divine Insanity. During the years I was a member of a few local bands, mostly playing metal music.

I started working on my solo project in 2007 and the reason for that was a need to unchain my fascination for more complex, progressive music. I also wanted to share some ideas/songs that would not fit any of the bands I play in. In 2011 I intensified my work on solo material. I wrote and demoed an hour of instrumental, guitar-oriented material.

In February 2011 I made it to the final of "Wojny Gitarowe 2011" ("Guitar Wars 2011"). My song "Abandoned" was featured on the CD and e-book "Wojny Gitarowe 2011" , released by ABSonic. The final, which had a from of a live show, took place in Cracow on 13 Oct 2011.

In May 2012 I won the 1st commendation during "IV Płockie Konfrontacje Gitarowe", a competition juried by M. Raduli and K. Misiak. Two years later I won the same prize and in 2017, which was my third attempt, I won a Grand Prix.

In late 2013 I finished recording my debut solo album. "Wonderful Delusion" was released in June 2014 by Lynx Music. This also marked my first serious mixing work that led to me taking part in many interesting projects. I've been doing engineering and production works regularly since then.

In december of 2013 I joined a prog rock band Keep Rockin'. Since then we've played dozens of shows, released an album called "Screaming Out Your Name" and lately published a digital single "Entr'acte" which I composed, engineered, mixed and mastered.

In 2018 I began working on a follow-up to my debut album.

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